US indie star Jordynne Grace returns to and this time she demolishes east coast wrestler, Penelope Ford who makes her debut.

The blonde starts promisingly enough by reversing two holds but a low blow takes her down and she never recovers.

Jordynne showcases her incredible strength by delivering bodyslams and kneeling piledrivers. “You’re so easy to pick up” she taunts as Penelope is locked into mutiple torture racks, one that includes an aeroplane spin. As the jobber is dumped onto the mat, she picked up by her head and the punishment continues. Watch out for an incredible supplex that sees Penelope suspended in the air before crashing down.

Jordynne also makes the fullest of neither wrestler wearing boots (Jordynne is barefoot and Penelope is in footed pantyhose) by locking on repeated ankle locks. She also attacks her opponent’s toes.

Despite all this, Penelope will not submit and she springs out of leghook and matchbook pin attempts.

A final power bomb finally helps Jordynne get the 1-2-3 but its not good enough. She wants her submission and gets it!


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The power of Miss Jordynne Grace
Without boots ankle locks are even more painful
Penelope in peril
Worked over
Going for the pin
The beaten down beauty

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