Download – Johnny and Lisa’s Tag Team Trauma

Johnny Hall and Lisa King look like the perfect intergender wrestling tag team but don’t be fooled!

They pose and admire each other’s muscles before a 2 vs 1 contest against Toro The Bully but their honeymoon is over before it begins.

Within less than 2 minutes, the masked mauler has flattened Lisa (literally) to win the 1-2-3 and Johnny is not happy. He lifts his partner to her feet before a forearm blow across her back sends her crashing back down. “We don’t have loser jobbers in this team” he tells her.

Johnny mixes legit holds like bodyslams, an over the knee back breaker and sleeperhold with illegal moves including a boot to her throat, back and thigh rakes and rope chokes.

The climax to this squash sees Johnny unleash multiple gut punches and stomps to Lisa before flying off the ropes and delivering two flying headbutts to her belly.  Its the most dramatic tag team split ever!


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Instant download: 13 minutes and 56 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 411 MB

Johnny is helpless as Toro tears apart Lisa
Johnny teaches loser Lisa a lesson
A tag team in tatters
Johnny makes his feelings about Lisa very clear
Johnny’s head is on a collision course with Lisa’s belly
Not the match Lisa King had hoped for

All content (c) 2017

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