This match was a custom request made by a vintage womens wrestling fan who sent us videos of matches from the 50s/60s in which a particular hold was applied.

The attacking wrestler applies a reverse scissorhold with her legs clamped either side of her opponent’s head. The dominant grappler straddles her body allowing her to lean over and hide illegal chokes from the ref (watch our preview clip).

In this contest we see Lisa King and then Laken apply this hold for longer than 5 minutes each although both deny wrestling dirty.

Lisa attempts to distract the ref – London’s legendary Monica – by telling her to check Laken’s long nails. “I only fight clean” Laken tells the ref, as she yanks her opponent’s hair.

The cheating continues until the very end of this 2 fall, 15 minute time limit match with smothers worked into 5 count pins.

If you like old school wrestling, you’ll love this match complete with the wrestlers in robes and classic gear, being frisked by the ref and plenty of “ask her ref” moments.

To see who wins, scroll past the photo previews to the bottom of the page!


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Ladies and gentlemen – Lisa King vs Laken
Laken watches carefully as Lisa’s checked over by the ref, Monica
Lisa: “She pulled my hair ref!”
What the ref doesn’t see, the cheat gets away with
Lisa is worn down by her dirty wrestling opponent
Sweet revenge for Laken

All content (c) 2017

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A draw – one pinfall each.