Download – Squashing Lisa King 7

Superstar jobber Lisa King is well and truly cornered in the 7th match in this series of squashes.

Trapped in the ring corners by arch rival, Lord Tyrant, we have lost count how many times the giant drives his shoulder into her midsection. He also uses the corners to attack Lisa with belly avalanches, plants his boot into her throat, slaps her in the chest and launches Banzai Drops.

Other moves in this one sided contest include bodyslams, a belly claw, bodyscissor/sleeperhold combo, DDT and splashes.

Tyrant leghooks his opponent for a winning 3 count pin but she’s already out and branded as “pitiful” by the masked man.

Don’t miss this latest installment in the jobbing misadventures of Lisa King!


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Instant download:  13 minutes and 18 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD /392.2 MB

Locking up
Another painful submission hold from the Manor of Lord Tyrant
Driving his weight into the midsection of Lisa King
Bodyscissor/sleeper combo
Tyrant uses the corners to their fullest, dirtiest potential
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Squashing Lisa King

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