Previewing New US Action

We have posted on our Instagram account, the first images from 5 new female wrestling matches starring some of the hottest indie talents in the US.

Click the arrows at either side of the pictures to move forwards or backwards through the slide show.

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The 5 matches pictured will be released in the coming months but we already have awesome action from US stars available now to download:

A-Bomb vs Aria – Aria Blake takes on a mountainous male wrestler.

Allie Parker: Outnumbered – 2 vs 1 action also starring Aria Blake.

Beware of the Booty Monster – Mila Naniki squashes Santana.

Booty and the Beast – Can Mila overcome the giant A-Bomb?

Jordynne vs Maria – Two rivals wrestle an old school bout, including bonus photo set.

Jordynne vs Maria: The Rematch – 1 submission and a 10 count pin wins.

Maxxed Out – Madi Maxx becomes a victim of ruthless Toro The Bully.

Wrestling To The Maxx – Back and forth action between Madi and Toro.


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2 thoughts on “Previewing New US Action

  1. Well this sounds and looks awesome. I really like the style of your videos and I`m pretty excited about the upcoming videos with US-Girls.
    You know when the first video will be released ?

    Liked by 1 person

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