Download – Muscle Mania 2

Here is the follow up to our popular match called Muscle Mania, as British grappler Raven gets another chance to showcase her mighty strength, this time against fan favourite Lisa King.

The muscle woman instantly wins an opening test of strength and effortlessly lifts the blonde, threatening a piledriver that would surely end the match before it barely begins. However, Raven has only just started to dominate her opponent and the wrestler with the most pins and submissions wins.

This one sided contest includes:

  • Aeroplane spin.
  • Body scissor/full nelson.
  • Bodyslam.
  • Hairpulling.
  • Headlock.
  • Hammerlock.
  • Standing headscissor.

Raven flexes her muscles at every opportunity, usually as Lisa struggles in a hold. The black haired powerhouse also challenges her opponent to a posing contest and she tells her the only way to stop the punishment is to kiss her biceps, to which Lisa replies: “I’ll be here all day they are so big”!

The contest ends with our jobber rolled up in a small package and schoolgirl pinned.

You can download the full match video, a picture set taken by our ringside photographer or both.

Examples of images taken by our ringside photographer (purchased pics in high quality)

Buy the MP4 video download –  11 minutes and 40 seconds in 1280 x 720 HD (344 MB), £10

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Buy the photo set – 27 large images (5152 x 3678/3678 x 5152), taken from different angles to video (277 MB), £6

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Buy the video and the photo set – in one single download (611.5 MB), at one lower price, £14

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Screengrabs from video

Blonde vs black
Lisa’s King world is turned upside down
Raven seizes any opportunity to show off her guns
Headscissored and hammerlocked
Raven tells Lisa, stop the punishment by kissing my biceps!

All content (c) 2017

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