Its mismatch time, as Laken, the wrestler with pin up looks, faces mighty amazon Lucrecia.

Its a last woman standing match, with the grapplers out to win as many pins and submissions as they can along the way.

At 6’00” tall and weighing in at 213 lbs, debuting Lucrecia from the Czech Republic towers over her opponent who enters the ring at 5’5″ and 132 lbs.

The giantess may have the size advantage but Laken has speed on her side and early on manages to athetically escape the blonde’s clutches, even with the chance of an early pin.

The Londoner’s luck runs out though when furious Lucrecia hurls her into a corner post and the squash is on! A vicious heel, the amazon smiles and trash talks as she inflicts pain on Laken.

The holds the smaller wrestler suffers include:

  • Aeroplane spin.
  • Bodyscissors/full nelson combo.
  • Boston crabs.
  • Camel clutch.
  • Stinkfaces.
  • Torture rack.

The ending is a furious and prolonged attack of gut punches and stomps but who’s the attacker? Is Laken the comeback kid or is she destined for defeat? Download the match to find out who enjoys a victory pose as the last woman standing.

To see who wins, scroll past the screengrab images below to the end of the page!


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Laken wins!