Download – Jordynne vs Maria: Last Woman Standing

This is Jordynne and Maria’s third match for and the last woman standing wins!

There’s trash talk from the start and throughout – Jordynne accuses her opponent of being out of shape and Maria says she’ll fight a clean match but adds that it doesn’t mean she likes Jordynne!

Each wrestler tries to gain the advantage with an impressive display of chain wrestling to kick off this contest. But the tactics get dirtier as the two begin to brawl – Maria smashes Jordynne’s head into turnbuckles and launches butt attacks on her opponent! Jordynne forearm smashes and gut punches Maria.

Each wrestler takes the other down with chances of becoming the last woman standing, at one point Jordynne floors the blonde brawler with a vicious boot to the face.

A sleeper and DDT appear to seal a win for one of the grapplers who gives up counting to 10 – big mistake – and walks over to talk to the camera, unaware of a sneak attack that will bring her down and cost her the match.

To see who wins, scroll past the screengrab images below to the end of the page!


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Instant download 10 minutes and 41 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 313.4 MB

Jordynne cranking up the pain on Maria’s wrist
Locked in
Each wrestler tries to bust each other’s back
Seconds before Maria lands across Jordynne’s back
Maria is down but is she out?
Will Jordynne recover to become the last woman standing?

All content (c) 2017


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Jordynne vs Maria.

Jordynne vs Maria – The Rematch.







Jordynne wins.

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