We’re rush releasing this epic contest between Jordynne Grace and Kelly Klein who’ve been touring Canada where this match was taped exclusively for promixedwrestling.com

You get two huge talents together in one ring, both determined to win and the results are explosive! Each wrestler dominates at times – Jordynne launches those big power moves she’s famous for and Kelly locks on agonising submission holds.

The match includes:

  • Body slams.
  • Boston crab (single and full).
  • Elbow drops.
  • Front face lock.
  • Gorilla clutch.
  • Headscissors.
  • Power bomb.
  • Samoan drop.
  • Supplex.

There are some dirty tactics too. Kelly aborts pin attempts on Jordynne by lifting her up by the hair at the count of 2.

But, its the climax to this match which is most controversial. One of the wrestlers wins a 1-2-3 by folding up her opponent in a matchbook pin but she’s accused of cheating by counting too fast. The pinned wrestler gets her revenge – painfully – leaving her victim dazed and confused!

For a spoiler scroll past the screengrab images below to the end of the page!


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Kelly Kline brings the pain to Jordynne Grace
Stretched out
Head scissored and leg hooked
Stand off
Pinned by Kelly Kline

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Jordynne matchbook pins Kelly for the 1-2-3.

Jordynne submits to Kelly’s front face lock.

But who is REALLY the winner? You decide!