Download – Meet Miss Low Blow

Allie Parker returns to in a one on one mixed beatdown against a wrestler called Tommy Lucha.

The masked man has a nickname for her, Miss Low Blow and we quickly find out why as she unleashes a barrage of below the belt attacks. He is hit down below by her arm, across her knee and – with the help of the ropes to set up her victim – Allie launches an eye watering kick.

But the low blows are only part of the story of this one fall match, with her other holds including:

  • Figure four leglock.
  • Figure four headscissor.
  • Knees and shoulders to midsection.
  • Leg attacks.
  • Lotus lock.
  • Side headscissor, with belly claw.
  • Surfboard.

Allie also makes the most of wrestling without boots, driving her foot into his face during an armbar and inflicting brutal foot chokes.

SPOILER ALERT! Lucha Tommy has an opportunity late in the match, as he ducks a clothesline and gives his opponent a low blow of his own before an attempted matchbook pin but she kicks out. The finale sees a trio of Bronco Busters break the masked man before an impressive 10 count pin seals the deal for Miss Low Blow.

This match sees Allie Parker at her attacking and trash talking best!


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Instant download: 12 minutes and 04 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD /  MB

An armbar with a foot in the face!
Allie tightens her grip
The Lotus Lock
The masked man is desperate to escape
Allie enjoys her Bronco Busting
Figure Foured

All content (c) 2017

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