Download – Axa vs Johnny

In their first match together, golden girl Axa Jay is at the losing end of a ruthless pro style beatdown by Johnny Hall.

Axa steps into the ring looking like a diva in a glamorous gold two piece and knee high boots but it doesn’t impress her opponent who stomps her back, belly and hand, jabs her throat and even claws the jobber’s face!

Other holds include:
– Axe blow.
– Boston crab.
– Knee breaker.
– Leg drop.
– Mexican surfboard
– Side headlocks.

The last wrestler standing wins, as Axa is finally floored by a camel clutch with a brutal fishhook attack.

This video has sat in our vault up until now because of wardrobe malfunctions (!!), so there are more edits than normal but we thought the action’s too good not to release!

This download includes a bonus photo set of 300+ screengrabs (1280 x 720 pixels).


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Instant download: 8 minutes and 56 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 263 MB (326 MB includ. screengrab set)

Axa Jay may regret offering that hand to Johnny Hall
Boston time
Johnny in control
The knee breaker
Johnny takes Axa on a ride
Look at what Johnny caught on his fishhook!

All content (c) 2016-7

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