Allie Parker returns in a special challenge match vs Violet Payne, refereed by a third pro star, Desi Rerata.

The winner is the wrestler who can put her opponent into each of the four corners consecutively.

The action goes back and forth for much of the contest, as Allie and Violet make the most of every corner with kicks and knees to the midsection and boot chokes. Heads crash into turnbuckles, eyes get raked over the ropes and arms get stretched out.

The referee calls a winner as one of the grapplers lays KOed on the mat but its not a legitimate win. The action restarts as one wrestler is barely able to stand on her feet.

There’s a winner declared but is it a legit victory this time? You decide!

To see the winner, scroll past the match screengrabs


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The referee – Desi Derata
The lock up
Violet Payne puts the boot into Allie Parker
Allie appeals to the ref
Allie drags Violet across the ropes, eyes first!
Allie is happy to get Violet cornered

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Violet wins.