This intergender match from the US starts with both wrestlers, Mila Naniki and Mitch playing fair. Their chain wrestling including full nelsons, hammerlocks and headlocks prove these are skilled athletes.

But then, all order breaks down – Mitch rains down blows on his opponent, as he’s warned by ref, Miss Hannah for using a closed fist. Mila is punished further by a crushing bearhug but there’s no submission. “You’re pretty strong for a girl” he teases.

The Thor lookalike is on a roll until a low blow brings down the blonde grappler and his opponent seizes control.

Mila is mad and wrestles dirty thoroughout with chokes and stomps. Mitch is headscissored as his neck lays across the middle rope and he’s stinkfaced as his opponent explains its a way to shut him up.


A figure four headscissor almost brings Mila a win but her victory comes eventually with not only a 3 count pin but a 10 count KO too!


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The wrestlers circle each other, watched by ref Miss Hannah
Mitch locks up Mila in a full nelson
Mila spectacularly turns the tables
The ref warns Mila to break the hold
“I’m not choking him ref”

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