October is Lisa King Month

This month we celebrate the incredible British grappler, Lisa King.

At 5’4″ and weighing in at 140 lbs , Lisa has starred in more than 30 matches for promixedwrestling.com

This wrestler’s seven matches in the Squashing Lisa King series earned her the crown of queen of jobbers.

Lisa in the clutches of her arch enemy, Lord Tyrant
Tyrant moves in on his injured prey

Lisa sells both ways though and she can also play a wicked heel, like in the downloads Lisa Destroys Axa and also Lisa Destroys Ina.

Lisa can be a scrapper too and her first match against Johnny Hall – a closely fought contest – is a fan favourite.

Lisa in control
On the ropes

So, this October we’re all about the talented Miss King, with:

25% off all the Squashing Lisa downloads 1-7, so across the month you can complete your collection.  THIS OFFER ENDED 31 OCTOBER 2017.

THREE brand new downloads starring Lisa – a 3 vs 1 challenge, her first ever pro wrestling POV match and an all scissors beatdown by amazon Chloe.

– Special free Q and A videos. Part 1 and part 2 are now available to watch.

To our grapple fans, enjoy and to Lisa, THANK YOU!

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