Download – Lisa’s Biggest Challenge

Lisa King walks into the ring room, ready to take on either Johnny Hall, Toro The Bully or Lord Tyrant but she’s counter challenged to wrestle all three heels in a handicap match.

The rules are simple, to win the men have to make Lisa submit just once within the time limit and anything goes. If there is no submission, the victory is Lisa’s. Its surely her biggest challenge yet!

Low blows from both sides in this contest get things off to a badly behaved start but its not long before the trio of bad guys take over. There is plenty of triple teaming with Johnny throwing Lisa into the corner post, then Toro squashing her, and then Tyrant and then himself as all 4 wrestlers pile up. A wish bone turns into an agonising stretch of all Lisa’s limbs by the guys.

There are axe blows, belly punches and stomps in this mostly one sided destruction but it may not end as you expect.

To see the winner, scroll past the match screengrabs


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Instant download 11 minutes and 36 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 341.5 MB

Rogues gallery
Double low blow on its way
Lisa is down
Make a wish
If only pins counted!
Has Lisa taken on an impossible challenge?

All content (c) 2016-17








Lisa wins by no submission.

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