Download – Miss Hannah vs Tweedle Die

We have a fan who loves to order mismatched customs with banzai drop finishers and here is one of these matches with a titanic weight difference between wrestlers.

“I’m too pretty to be dealing with this” says Miss Hannah as her opponent, the 450 lbs giant Tweedle Die warns that he’s going to squish her like a little bug.

Miss Hannah’s speed gives her the early advantage in this one fall contest as she rolls out of the big man’s clutches. Infact, she gets the first attack unleashing mutiple axe blows to his chest.

Its pretty equal for the first half of the match – a dropkick and a moonsault almost gives Hannah a winning pin (the landing of her boot in that moonsault inflicts extra, eye watering pain to her opponent). Tweedle Die also has a chance to take the 1-2-3 after he body splashes Miss Hannah but instead he chooses to land again – big mistake – as she rolls clear.

Eventually, the mega heavyweight takes control – dragging his opponent around the ring by her hair and punishing her with boot and rope chokes and corner avalanches. An aeroplane spin brings her down, as the banzai drops draw close and this match ends with a KO victory.


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Instant download: 10 minutes and 23 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 304.6 MB

A xx lbs mismatch
Can Miss Hannah cause an upset?
One wrestler is happy…
Tweedle Die airlines is ready to take off
Surveying the damage post splash
Banzai drop – INCOMING!

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