Here’s an old school contest pitting Scorpion against blonde battler Thunder.

The action goes back and forth throughout this best out of three contest, with these grunt and groan gals both grappling for supremacy.

Watch out for Thunder’s devastating bodyscissor as she suspends from the middle ropes and also for Scorpion’s torturous rope choke.

The match also includes: attempted crucifix and matchbook pins; bearhug; Boston crab; corner work including belly blows; eye rake; grapevine; headscissors, leg stretches and low blows.

It ends with a decisive victory for one of the two, with the loser trapped helplessly in an expertly applied submission hold.

Old school fans looking for non-stop grappling action, look no further!

To see who wins what and gets the final victory, scroll past the match screengrabs below.


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Locking up
Thunder is on the ropes
Scorpion suffers the crab
Scorpion in control
This is what pain looks like
Clamped on tight

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1st fall to Thunder – Boston crab submission.

Equalising fall to Scorpion – 3 count pin.

Winning fall to Thunder – figure four headscissor submission.