Download – You Wrestle Lisa (POV)

Get ready to climb through the ropes and enter the ring versus the one and only Lisa King!

Watch our fan favourite in action like never seen before, up close from the point of view of her opponent. Lisa is the nasty, trash talking heel, as she makes you suffer with:

  • Ankle locks.
  • Arm bar.
  • Belly punches.
  • Boot chokes.
  • Corner choke.
  • Elbow drop.
  • Figure four leglock.
  • Finger biting and twisting.
  • Forearm smash.
  • Head butt to belly.
  • Head into turnbuckle.
  • Kicks to leg and midsection.
  • Knee drops to arm and leg.
  • Leg stretch.
  • Low blows by boot and headbutt.
  • Postings.
  • Reverse headscissor.
  • Shoulders into midsection.
  • Shoulder pinch.
  • Side headscissor.
  • Stomps.

A leghook pin finally seals Lisa’s win, as all you can do is look up helplessly at her victory pose!

This POV contest is a must for all fans of Lisa King and for anyone who has wanted to experience a pro style intergender match inside the squared circle.


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Instant download 10 minutes and 24 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 305 MB

Stretching you out
The view trapped in the corner
Lisa locks onto your ankle
The dangers of a match without a ref and a nasty heel
Using the ropes against you
A jobber’s view

All content (c) 2017

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