Download – Eva’s Leg Day

Its the debut of British pro grappler, Eva – a 5’2″ pocket rocket – who gets a crash course in the brutality of the much bigger, Toro The Bully.

Watching his opponent warm up in her super shiny leotard and shimmer tights, the masked man tells her she looks more like a gymnast than a wrestler but she tells him not to be fooled by her glitzy gear.

The bully is out to prove a point and rentlessly punishes Eva’s legs throughout this match, including toe holds, knee and thigh claws and kicks. She cries out in agony as he bends each of the jobber’s legs around the bottom rope and  drives his elbow into them.

Toro tells Eva she needs emergency physio and takes off her boots and socks, only to apply ankle locks to her vunerable barefeet. He also bites her left foot and uses Eva’s wrestling boot to to choke her. No wonder Eva calls her opponent “evil”!


Double bodysplashes across the front and back of her legs moves Toro closer to his victory and a final full Boston crab submission seals the win!


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Instant download 10 minutes and 58 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 323 MB

280lbs lands across Eva’s knee
Toro The Bully drives his elbow into Eva’s leg
Eva grabs Toro’s huge leg as he invites her to take him down
Eva reaches for the ropes to escape
Toro uses Eva’s wrestling boot to choke her

All content (c) 2017

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