Download – Scissored by a Giantess

The tale of the tape says it all – at 6’3″ and weighing in at 194 lbs, Chloe faces Lisa King, 5’4″ and 140 lbs, in an all scissors match.

These British wrestlers get straight down to action, as the debuting Chloe takes down her smaller opponent and locks on an agonising bodyscissors.

Lisa never stands a chance against this amazon powerhouse whose holds are long held and crushing. Chloe really seems to enjoy destroying her victim.

“I’m going to get that head next” she warns Lisa and she does with figure four, side and standing headscissors.

Both wrestlers use the ropes – Chloe to get some extra leverage and Lisa to escape, many times. In fact at one point it looks like Chloe teases her opponent by shifting her within an inch of the ropes – so near yet so far!


Lisa is pulled into the middle of the ring for the winning headscissor where there is no option but to submit to the giantess.


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Instant download 16 minutes and 03 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 474 MB

The giantess is ready for action
Chloe crushes Lisa
Lisa recovers in the corner
“Get up”
Non stop scissors
The mighty Chloe

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2 thoughts on “Download – Scissored by a Giantess

  1. My goodness Chloe is no joke love the moves she uses looking forward to more matches you guys should have her go against Ina or Lucrecia


    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. Yes, Chloe is a fearsome wrestler! We are taping customs with her in December with 5’10” Killpussy also on the roster. Would be a good match!


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