Download – Allie Parker: Barefoot and Beaten

Allie Parker arrives at an empty ring for a sparring session with a mystery pro wrestler.

Blinded by the ringside lights, Allie doesn’t see Desi Desrata creep in between the ropes and she’s brought down by two powerful blows across the back.

Barefoot Allie is criticised by her opponent for not being prepared for their match – including her lack of wrestling boots – and Desi teaches her a lesson she’ll never forget.

The one sided action includes arm and leg work, an agonising ab stretch, camel clutch, knees to the back, over the knee slams and an otk backbreaker. There are belly blows and Allie’s bare middriff is clawed and stomped.

For most of Desi’s onslaught, she is silent, focused on her attack, while Allie begs for it to stop!


The win comes from the a crucifix leghook pin, as Desi uses Allie’s own arm to hit the mat and count out the 1-2-3. “That’s how a wrestler does it” announces the winner!


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Instant download 6 minutes and 55 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 203.5 MB

Desi Derata creeps up on her victim
Allie Parker suffers a painful belly claw
Desi takes advantage of her opponent’s lack of boots
A textbook camel clutch
Desi – a one woman wrecking machine
The result of Allie’s sparring match from hell

All content (c) 2017

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