Download – Joey vs Mila

American indie star Mila Naniki has already proved herself to be a fearsome grappler at but she ain’t impressing her latest opponent, British wrestler, Joey.

Before the first lock up, he winds Mila up by informing her where the kitchen is – bad idea. Not only does the fierce female match her opponent move for move but she dominates large parts of the match.

The action spills out of the ring, as Mila is sent headfirst into table and she responds by crashing him into the ring edge and wall, aswell as the table.

“Shame on you” she says delivering two low blows but Joey won’t back down blowing kisses and telling Mila she IS better than him. In the kitchen!

If you like a brawling style of wrestling, this one is for you with furious exchanges of headbutts, kicks and punches. Moves also include armbar, DDT and rope chokes.

The winning fall comes after a superkick floors one of the wrestlers AND there is a bonus rematch.

To find out who wins, scroll past the screengrabs below!


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Instant download: 19 minutes and 30 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 553.8 MB

Mila Naniki is one wrestler you do not want to wind up
Joey uses his boot
After the low blow comes the pointy finger insult
This could be trouble for Mila
Mila goes for the 1-2-3
Joey blows kisses at his opponent









Mila wins the first match by a superkick and pin….and repeats to win the rematch.

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