British pro star Vix EnNoir makes her debut for us in this follow up to an earlier download starring a downright dirty Lisa King.

Inspired by cheating wrestlers of the vintage era, Lisa pleades her innocence as she works hard to hide her illegal moves from the referee, the legendary Pippa L’Vinn.

After both grapplers are frisked by the ref, Vix gets her only offensive move of the match as she wins a lock up and pushes Lisa into the ropes – breaking the hold instantly once challenged by Pippa.

They lock up again and Lisa wins this one, backing Vix up into a corner and pulling her head back by the hair. The ref counts to four before she releases and there’s a chest slap for good measure!

Lisa’s technical holds are excellent – including a chinlock, front facelock, hammerlock and sitting wrist lock – but she adds dirty punches throughout; Vix’s pigtails prove too tempting not to yank and there is choking and even biting.

Even the final crossbody pin is dirty, as Pippa starts the 10 count and Lisa’s uses her chest to ensure a victory.

The download goes backstage afterwards where Lisa is challenged again by the ref but she acts like an angel, giving a final knowing wink to the camera.


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Instant download: 15 minutes and 42 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD /463.7 MB

Pippa L’Vinn lays down the rules to Lisa King and Vix EnNoir
Checking Vix
Vix’s pigtails prove to be painful weapons against her
“I’m not biting ref”
Lisa acts innocent as Pippa catches her cheating
What the ref can’t see, Lisa can get away with

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