Download – Tweedle Die vs Mila

If you’ve watched Mila Naniki wrestle for us, you’ll know she is one tough woman but is she tough enough to overcome the gigantic Tweedle Die?

The pair square up and trade insults – she says he’s too big to wrestle, he calls her a puny little girl. Mila quickly proves him wrong with kicks to the belly and chest, boot chokes and a sleeper attempt as she jumps on his back.

But things start to go badly wrong for the Latina superstar once she is caught off a flying crossbody and then slammed and splashed by Tweedle Die.

He takes full advantage of his opponent laying half conscious on the canvas, as he plants a boot and his 450 lbs across her ankle, back and hand. He even mocks the Booty Monster as he attacks her backside too.

“Light work” he smirks, as a corner avalanche, headbutt and brain claw further weaken his opponent. He shows off his power by lifting Mila off the canvas in a choke hold.

Multiple Banzai drops by Tweedle Die show bigger is sometimes better, as he takes a 10 count pin to win!


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Instant download: 10 minutes and 43 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD /  314.4 MB

Tweedle and Mila trade insults
Mila locks onto her opponent
Here comes the claw!
“I’m gonna squish you little bug”
Mila and Tweedle in the aftermath of his body splash

All content (c) 2017

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