Last Chance To Buy

The clock is ticking grapple fans – its your last chance to buy a collection of ten matches that we’re moving into the archive to make way for a wave of exciting new downloads in 2018!

These contests will be on sale throughout December but in the new year they will disappear from the website and get locked into the vault, so if you want to get these downloads now is the time!!

The matches are:

INFERNO’S FOOT FORFEIT (Inferno vs Toro The Bully) Inferno matches Toro move for move; even when he delivers belly blows, she puts knees to his gut! Soon this fit wrestler wears down the big man but what Toro doesn’t expect is a forfeit, as Inferno’s footware comes off and she orders him to kiss her toes! £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

SUBMIT TO SCORPION (Scorpion vs Toro The Bullly) New pro intergender action as London based grappler Scorpion and Toro get to grips. Its a submission holds challenge, starting with long held Boston crabs, but decending into a bitter scrap when the bully loses his temper. £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

LISA STRIKES BACK (Lisa King vs Lord Tyrant) Lisa King is back and she’s in fighting form, as she takes on Lord Tyrant in this action packed, back and forth contest. This is no one sided squash, infact its too close to call until a final devastating win for one of the bitter rivals. £13. Click here for previews and to buy.

AXA SOCKS IT TO TORO (Axa Jay vs Toro The Bully) The first one on one match between Axa Jay and Toro The Bully. He has a massive weight advantage but she’s got the skills to take the big man down! Both resort to some dirty tactics in this back and forth bruiser of a bout. £11.49. Click here for previews and to buy.

edit1SUPER JOHNNY (Johnny Hall vs Toro The Bully) Johnny Hall reveals his not so secret identity as the Man of Yorkshire Steel – SUPER JOHNNY! He takes on the despicable Toro The Bully who uses a powerful weapon against our hero. First to four submissions wins! £10.49. Click here for previews and to buy.

LISA KING VS THE PAYNE TWINS Lisa faces rough, tough identical twins, Jess and Steph Payne in this handicap contest.  She starts strong, working over the arm of one sister before the tables turn and boy how they turn! The twins double team against their opponent punishing her arm, back, head and legs in a number of combo holds. £9 Click here for previews and to buy.

TWIN VS TWIN (Jess Payne vs Steph Payne) These badly behaved identical twin sisters were fouling footballers before they turned to pro wrestling. In their debut match for us, its twin vs twin as the sisters fight to show who’s number one. Its classic Brit pro action, with plenty of trash talk. Don’t miss this new talent. £7 Click here for previews and to buy.

TYRANT AND THE TRASH TALKER (Lord Tyrant vs Minxy Li) Every hold that Minxy cranks on comes accompanied by trash talk! Attacking her opponent mentally aswell as physically, she begins the bout dominantly until his Lordship fights back. Minxy wrestles her way back into the match but who will win? £10. Click here for previews and to buy.

9 editMAXIMUM BOSTON CRABS 2 (Minxy Li vs Toro The Bully) The second of our contests in which only Boston Crab submissions count. This time, Minxy Li takes the back bending challenge vs the much bigger Toro. Both apply full and single Boston Crabs to bring the pain! £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

FULLY ARMED (Gail Jillette vs Lord Tyrant) Pro wrestler Gail Jillette is a woman with a plan – aiming to wear down the much bigger Lord Tyrant by continually targeting his arm. He fights back at times but this is Gail’s match, proving herself to be a confident wrestler, determined to win! £8.99 Click here for previews and to buy.

All content (c) 2015-17

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