Download – Lisa’s Bad Day

We see Lisa warming up before a match with a mystery opponent who she says is flying in from Japan to wrestle.

Cut to later that day. Her international match did not go well and she’s is clearly suffering. Toro picks up on this but before he can tease Lisa she hits him with a barrage of forearms. Its a strong start for the fan favourite but the bully’s fast to counter and Lisa’s bad day is set to continue.

You name the dirty move and Toro uses it – from belly, brain and thigh claws to belly punches and boots to Lisa’s ankle and fingers.

Legit moves like a crushing elevated bearhug and over the knee bodyslam add to the punishment before a win by three splashes and three pins….leghook, matchbook and one finger to the chest!

Toro hauls Lisa over his shoulder, as he rewards her day’s efforts with the title – international jobber!


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Instant download: 13 minutes and 52 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 408.8 MB

Warming up before her match with a wrestler from Japan
The bully locks on the brain buster
Toro puts his weight behind another dirty move
You didn’t want that hand, did you?
Lisa King – Human chair
The bully and his prey

All content (c) 2017

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