Download – Wham Bam Spank You Mam

Allie Parker always loses spanking matches! That’s what Amanda’s heard and so she challenges Allie to one of these forfeit contests – loser gets spanked.

Get ready for some vicious one sided wrestling as Amanda unleashes forearms and slaps to Allie’s face, her eyes are raked against the ropes, her nostrils are yanked and she’s dropped crotch first over the knee. Look out for an impressive bulldog/snapmare combo too!

Amanda gets in a few cheeky smacks of Allie’s backside during the match – “I thought this was a spanking match” she says – and she likes to control her opponent with fistfuls of her hair.

Allie does manage some fight back including a dropkick to the back and even an atomic drop but who will be the spanker and who will be the spankee?

SPOILER ALERT – Do NOT scroll past photo number 4 if you don’t want to know!!


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Instant download: 9 minutes and 43 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 286.3 MB

Amanda brings the pain with a single leg Boston
What agony looks like
Nobody puts Allie in the corner – except Amanda!
Aching, sweaty and exhausted – this is not part of Allie’s plan






The forfeit!
Allie plants her foot on Amanda to enjoy a victory pose

All content (c) 2017

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