Our Top Ten Matches of 2017

As we say goodbye to 2017, we shine a spotlight on the year’s most downloaded matches.

We have compiled a top ten but before we start the countdown, here are some facts and figures:

  • There are 3 mixed matches and 7 all female in the list.
  • Lisa King is the wrestler who appears in the most top ten matches – 4.
  • Ina Black, A-Bomb, Laken, Maria, Mila Naniki and Jordynne Grace each star in 2 matches.

Sitting just outside the top ten – No Holds Barred, a brutal scrap between Axa Jay and Lisa, and Barefoot Destroyer featuring Penelope Ford’s debut versus Jordynne. In the last few months, our first POV match starring Lisa has been very popular and also her 3 vs 1 challenge vs Johnny, Toro and Tyrant.

But now, here it is…the top ten most downloaded matches in 2017 from promixedwrestling.com. Click on each video’s title to see more photos, a trailer and to buy.


BOOTY AND THE BEAST (A-Bomb vs Mila Naniki) Here’s US indie starlet Mila Naniki – the Booty Monster – in mixed action. Her opponent, the huge A-Bomb! Mila’s wrestling ability and speed stop this mismatch from being an all out squash, as she banazi drops and sleepers the big man but his strength cannot be denied!


edit3AMETHYST’S FIRST TIME (Amethyst Hammerfist vs Lisa King) London submission grappler, Amethyst Hammerfist makes her pro wrestling debut against the one and only Lisa King. The experienced pro doesn’t give the newcomer an easy ride and the punk rookie is all fired up for a fight. Awesome back and forth action.


A-BOMB VS ARIA (A-Bomb vs Aria Blake) A follow up to our earlier match Booty and the Beast but this time its the turn of US indie sweetheart Aria Blake to face mountainous A-Bomb. She takes charge from the start, attacking and teasing the big man but he eventually gets his crushing revenge. And crushing is the right word!


JORDYNNE VS MARIA – THE REMATCH We welcome these two indie wrestlers from America. One submission and a ten count pin will decide the winner. The action is non stop with tap out attempts, dirty tactics and lots of different pins. Highly recommended.


BAD TEACHER (Lisa King vs Spice) Lisa is the teacher from hell, using rookie Spice as a kind of pro wrestling crash test dummy applying submission hold after submission hold. Each time the newcomer taps out, the teacher keeps her locked up in pain!


MILA VS MITCH Mila Naniki stars in a bitter and brutal intergender clash. Referee Miss Hannah is kept busy as Mitch uses dirty moves to keep Mila down but the Booty Monster hits back and boy does she hit back!!! After a while, Mitch is begging for Mila to back off, as no hold is off limits.


INA BLACK VS LAKEN European grappling star Ina Black makes her debut for us and shows why she’s regarded as a wrestling powerhouse. We line up Laken for a warm up match but Ina destroys her with her grappling skills. Fans of body and head scissor holds won’t be disappointed.


LISA DESTROYS INA (Ina Black vs Lisa King) Lisa hates Ina and this match gives her the chance to vent this. Ina hasn’t even got her T-shirt off before her opponent viciously attacks. Not only is this a one sided demolition but Lisa uses an A to Z of dirty tactics from bites to eye/stomach rakes and from a low blow to a stinkface.


jordynne1JORDYNNE VS MARIA Two American indie wrestlers clash in old school action. Jordynne Grace has the power to win but Maria happily ignores the rules to overwhelm her opponent. Packed with classic holds and trash talk until a devastating piledriver decides the winner. Our video includes 33 photos.


CLASH OF THE HELLCATS (Laken vs Lisa King) Both wrestlers are dressed in leopard print gear and both wrestlers attempt to savage the other, hence the title of this match! Non-stop action, as cheating Lisa gets first advantage but Laken strikes back, giving her a taste of her own medicine.

A massive well done to the wrestlers in our top ten and to everyone we’ve worked with this year. And, a huge thank you to all of you – our wonderful customers – for your incredible support.  Without you, none of this would be possible.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Toro and the team at promixedwrestling.com

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