Previewing 2018

Here is a sneak preview of action we have to come in 2018!

From the UK, Johnny Hall returns to the ring and he is extra brutal against arch rival Lisa King (check out our main picture above) and he wrestles Laken for the first time in a match with an alternative ending, so you get to see both grapplers win!

Johnny Hall controls Laken

In other UK mixed action, Toro is back to terrorise the pocket rocket Roxi.

Helpless Roxi reaches for the ropes

Amongst our British female bouts, we follow up the most downloaded match of 2017, with Laken facing Lisa and no dirty moves are off limits. Raven flies the red, white and blue in a new union jack leotard as she gets her chance to also wrestle Laken.

We’re not sure what you’d call this move – Laken’s headscissors and wedgie combo!
Laken in the (camel) clutches of Raven

Meantime, from the US, we welcome the awesome Crystal White to, as she faces two formidable opponents – 6’7″ Tyranus and 450 lbs Tweedle Die!

Mile high Tyranus punishes Crystal White
Crystal nails the titanic Tweedle Die

This is just a selection of what’s to come! Please check back regularly for new matches and updates or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Johnny, Lisa and Raven are amongst the wrestlers available for your customs and for sponsorable matches at our shoot in January. Check out the full line up and more details here.



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