Download – Below The Belt

Ladies and gentlemen, its mismatch time! One fall to decide the winner, as little 5’2″ Eva returns to the ring to face the masked mauler Toro The Bully who’s more than twice her weight.

The last time these mismatched wrestlers met he focused on working over her legs, this time its low blows. Infact the big man’s first move is a below the belt forearm which sends the jobber crashing to the canvas. Strategically placed boots and knees follow up the illegal attack!

In fact Toro tears up the rule book, grabbing the Eva’s leotard and inflicting eye watering wedgies and he yanks up the ropes inbetween her legs as she’s climbing through them.

Other moves in this one sided demolition include:

– Belly claw.
– Belly punches.
– Body slams.
– Body splash.
– Camel clutch (with hairpull).
– Corner avalanche.
– Double toed leglock.
– Front headlock.
– Rope choke.
– Thigh claw.

Both wrestlers give after match interviews.

If you like your matches to be old school, mismatched squashes this one is for you!


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Instant download: 11 minutes and 21 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 334.3 MB

What happens next?
The bully controls Eva
The ropes bring tears to the jobber’s eyes
Locked up
Take one camel clutch and add a fistful of hair

All content (c) 2017-8

Eva and Toro are available for your custom matches. Email to become the booker!

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