Here are two US pro stars debuting for as the legendary Crystal White warns the mighty Tyranus that she is wearing her ass kicking outfit!!

Tyranus uses his size and weight advantage to their fullest – he’s 6’7″ and 264 lbs – by dominating his opponent with moves including a bodyslam, bow and arrow, camel clutch and leg drop.

This giant’s punishment is relentless, as he drives his knees into Crystal’s back and ribs and he wrestles dirty too, choking her out with his boot and rubbing her head into the turnbuckle.

But its that “ass kicking” comment that comes back to haunt Crystal, as he repeatedly plants his boot across her backside and drops her crotch first across his knee, explainng he wants to make sure she can’t produce more ass kickers!

Tyranus aborts pins throughout to continue the beatdown but its a devastating powerbomb that finally seals his opponent’s fate.

And, this feud isn’t over! Stay tuned for a rematch, later this year.


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Crystal is down
Tyranus The Punisher
264 lbs of pressure bears down on the midsection of Crystal
The aftermath of an ass kicking for the ass kicker!
Wrecking her hair
Not looking good for the ass kicker

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