Download – Gymnast vs Powerlifter

Two London grapplers return in a special all scissors content to decide who is strongest – the gymnast, Inferno, or the powerlifter, Krusha.

The match starts playfully between these two ring rivals but things get increasingly competitive, as both wrestlers focus on winning the most submissions.

Krusha gets the first with a powerful figure four head scissor and even after the tap out she keeps it locked on, explaining that she likes to watch Inferno struggle. The red haired warrior doesn’t forget this dirty tactic and pays it back later on.

More head scissors, body scissors and thigh scissors follow in a match not short of insults and trash talk. But who is strongest – the fit and flexible gymnast or the iron pumping powerlifter?

Find out who wins by scrolling past the images below!


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Instant download: 15 minutes and 58 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 471 MB

Scream queen!
Figure four perfection
The thigh vice
Inferno’s head is mistaken for a water melon
Krusha in the crusha
The triangle of doom

All content (c) 2017-18








Inferno wins most submissions.

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