In their first match against each other, here are two favourites grappling for supremacy – fit ‘n’ flexible Londoner Laken and Manchester’s muscle maiden, Raven.

If you like good old fashioned grunt ‘n’ groan action down on the ring canvas, this contest is for you!

Raven, wrestling in the Union Jack leotard, gets the first chance to win locking on an agonising grapevine but Laken reverses with a matchbook pin and then camel clutch attempts.

The non stop action constantly swings back and forth including armbar, body scissors, cross body pin, schoolgirl pin, thigh scissors and standing headscissors.

Raven never misses a chance to show off her power, lifting Laken in a sitting piledriver position before slamming her body into the mat.

A long held submission hold ends the match as the winner sits on top of her defeated opponent and enjoys a well earned victory pose.

Find out who wins by scrolling past the images below!


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Raven’s pleasure is Laken’s pain
Brace for the squeeeeze!
Queen Raven on her throne
The grappler in red, white and blue is desperate to escape
Laken in crush mode

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Raven wins by Boston Crab submission – from a full to single leg.