Download – Tweedle Die vs Crystal White

Popular pro star Crystal White askes for a clean match but she soon learns that to overpower the 450 lbs monster Tweedle Die you have to wrestle dirty!

As Crystal offers a handshake, the man mountain brings her down with a clothesline followed up by a bodyslam and full body splash. He doesn’t pin her, choosing to dish out more punishment – wrong decision!

She fights back after her opponent misses a corner avalanche and she is rentless – Crystal chops, kicks, slaps and punches the big man using her carefully manicured nails to inflict pain down his back and chest.

Her wrestling experience shows as this becomes a back and forth battle including an airplane spin, DDT, dropkick and sleeperhold.

But, once Crystal is squashed repeatedly in the corner, its hard to fight back and non-stop Banzai drops seal another win for the unstoppable Tweedle Die.


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Instant download: 10 minutes and 02 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 304.2 MB

Crystal nails it!
Time for a spin
How it looks when you wrestle a 650 lbs opponent
Putting the boot in
Tweedle is down!
Beware of the Banzai

All content (c) 2017-18

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