Download – You Wrestle Axa (POV)

Following on from two popular POV matches with Laken and Lisa King, here is our third starring glamorous British grappler, Axa Jay.

You spot Axa warming up on the mat and the temptation’s too strong. You creep behind her and bring her down with a blow across her back. Grabbing a fistful of Axa’s hair, you toss her into the ring and your match starts.

You are in charge with belly punches, arm and leg stretches across the ropes, stomps and low blows but its only a matter of time before Axa catches her breath and hits back.

Prepare to be worked over in holds including arm bars, ankle locks, side and reverse headscissors and a punishing figure four leglock.

A final 10 count reverse pin seals the win for Axa before a well earned victory pose.


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Instant download: 11 minutes and 28 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 338 MB

Seconds before a sneak attack
You work over Axa in a corner
You bend her leg across the bottom rope
Axa takes over
No escape as your opponent locks onto your ankle

All content (c) 2018


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