Special Sale

Was it us or did January go extra s-l-o-w-l-y? With still some way to go until Spring arrives, we thought we would brighten things up with a special sale!

Throughout February, we’re offering some of our favourite downloads with a 20% reduction on their normal prices.

Sale prices are good until the end of February 2018, the discount will be added in your shopping cart and our most recent releases will not be included in the promotion.

We’ve grouped our discounted matches together under 4 themes:


Are you ready to save?


TWEEDLE DIE VS MILA Mila Naniki faces the titanic Tweedle Die in this latest mismatch from the US. The tough Latina starts strong but she never recovers from her opponent’s 450 lbs splash down! He goes on to pile his weight on her back, hand and even her famous booty! Sale price £7.20 (Was £9). Click here for previews and to buy.

MISS HANNAH VS TWEEDLE DIE Here is a mega mismatch from the US! At 450 lbs Tweedle Die has power and strength but much smaller Miss Hannah has agility and speed. She takes advantage of this, ducking attacks and taking the big man down, but Tweedle Die fights back, on a mission to “squish the little bug”!  Sale price £7.20 (Was £9). Click here for previews and to buy.

A-BOMB VS ARIA (A-Bomb vs Aria Blake) A follow up to our earlier match Booty and the Beast but this time its the turn of US indie sweetheart Aria Blake to face mountainous A-Bomb. She takes charge from the start, attacking and teasing the big man but he eventually gets his crushing revenge. And crushing is the right word!  Sale price £7.20 (Was £9). Click here for previews and to buy.

BOOTY AND THE BEAST (A-Bomb vs Mila Naniki) Here’s US indie starlet Mila Naniki – the Booty Monster – in mixed action. Her opponent, the huge A-Bomb! Mila’s wrestling ability and speed stop this mismatch from being an all out squash, as she banazi drops and sleepers the big man but his strength cannot be denied!  Sale price £7.20 (Was £9). Click here for previews and to buy.


SCISSORED BY A GIANTESS (Chloe Davis vs Lisa King) Lisa is 5’4″ but Chloe is 6’3″ and she proves herself to be a powerhouse wrestler in this debut for us. Its an all scissors clash and the smaller wrestler is in trouble from the very start. Chloe begins with a crushing bodyscissors before moving onto Lisa’s head! Sale price £10.40 (Was £14) Click here for previews and to buy.

SQUASHING LISA KING 7 (Lisa King vs Lord Tyrant) The English Queen of Jobbers, Lisa King returns to face Lord Tyrant in the 7th of our one sided series. Tyrant uses the corners to their dirtiest potential, with Lisa’s midsection facing maximum punishment. Other holds include a bodyscissor/sleeper combo and DDT.  Sale price £8.80 (Was £11). Click here for previews and to buy.

AXA’S DOUBLE DEAL (Axa Jay & Toro The Bully vs Lisa King) Axa agrees to partner with Lisa versus Toro, until the big man shows up as she’s lacing up her boots with a wedge of cash! The beauty and the beast double team the double crossed Miss King, often using dirty holds such as corner squash / stinkface combos. Sale price £8.80 (Was £11). Click here for previews and to buy.

JORDAN E VS LISA KING We’re proud to present our debut all female contest – a Brit pro match between bad girl Jordan E and fan favourite Lisa King. Both wrestlers are determined to become our first ever ladies winner, with many punishing submission holds applied. Sale price £10.39 (Was £12.99). Click here for previews and to buy.


AXA VS JOHNNY (Axa Jay vs Johnny Hall) Axa turns up the glamour inside the ring but Johnny couldn’t care less! His wrestling style is brutal, as he ticks off parts of her body as he punishes them. An agonising final hold sees Axa out for the count in this last wrestler standing contest. Sale price £8 (Was £10) includes bonus image set. Click here for previews and to buy.  

TAG TEAM TIME 2 (Bullies R US vs The Submission Sisters) Brooke Blonde and Jordan E take on the might of Lord Tyrant and Toro in our second tag match.  Can The Submission Sisters live up to their name and overpower the cheating super heavyweights to get the two tap outs needed to win? Sale price £10.40 (Was £13). Click here for previews and to buy.

LISA’S REVENGE (Brooke Blonde & Lisa King vs Lord Tyrant) You just have to look at our last download to see how Lisa King has suffered against our heavyweight heels. Now, she plots revenge, teaming up with Brooke Blonde to take down Lord Tyrant – 2 vs 1. The heel becomes jobber and the cheated becomes the cheater!  Sale price £7.20 (Was £9). Click here for previews and to buy.

MINXY’S DIRTY TRICK (Minxy Li vs Lord Tyrant and Toro The Bully) Our first 2 vs 1 bout as brave Minxy faces the bulk and strength of super heavyweights, Toro and Tyrant. The duo waste no time in teaming up against the lone female but she has a secret plan that may turn her luck round.  Sale price £7.20 (Was £9). Click here for previews and to buy.


WHAM BAM SPANK YOU MAM! (Amanda vs Allie Parker) Its forfeit time, as these two US pro grapplers wrestle a loser gets spanked match! It doesn’t look good for Allie, as brutal Amanda rakes her eyes, slaps her face and yanks fistfuls of hair. Can the beaten down jobber fight back to take the win and get the ultimate revenge? Sale price £9.60 (Was £12). Click here for previews and to buy.

ALLIE PARKER: BAREFOOT AND BEATEN (Allie Parker vs Desi Derata) Jobber Allie sells her heart out! She turns up for a sparring match in barefeet as Desi accuses her of being unprepared and takes her apart in a surprise attack. Includes brutal belly claws and stomps and a textbook camel clutch. Sale price £5.60 (Was £7).  Click here for previews and to buy.

FOUR CORNERS CHALLENGE (Allie Parker vs Violet Payne, refereed by Desi Derata) The rule is simple – the winning wrestler must slam her opponent into each of the four corners consecutively. It gives Allie and Violet the chance to use the corners to punish each other with illegal chokes and kicks as Desi attempts to keep order. Sale price £9.60 (Was £12). Click here for previews and to buy.

MONICA THE HAIR PULLER (Monica Garcia vs Violet Payne) Two US wrestlers debut and one wants to pull her opponent’s hair out! Its not enough that Violet passes out to several holds but Monica wakes her with relentless attacks on her locks. A one sided match including multiple Boston Crabs and camel clutches. Sale price £12 (Was £15). Click here for previews and to buy.


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