Download – Clash of the Hellcats 2

Here is the follow up to our best selling download of 2017, as Laken gets to grips with Lisa King and the wrestling is even dirtier than before!

There is no love lost between these two British grapplers and Lisa sets the tone with an opening low blow.

Some impressive chain wrestling follows but it isn’t long before Laken takes advantage of her opponent’s outfit and delivers a wedgie attack. It turns tit for tat as the hellcats use each other’s leotards as wedgie weapons throughout the match!

Boots driven below the belt add to the pain, on the canvas and suspended from the corner as each wrestler traps the other in a tree of woe.

Other action includes belly punches, bearhugs, bodyscissors, Boston crabs, reverse headscissors and one wrestler gets her eyes dragged along the ropes.

If its non stop, no holds barred action you’re after, you need to download this match!

To find out who wins, scroll past the screengrabs below.


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Instant download: 15 minutes and 11 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 447 MB

Lisa puts the boot in
Laken is locked on
Hammerlock/bite combo!
Lisa post Boston crab
Can you guess how Lisa escapes?
Pain for Laken = fun for Lisa

All content (c) 2016=18


Catch up with the first match between Laken and Lisa – CLASH OF THE HELLCATS.








Laken wind by a 10 count matchbook pin.

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