The last time US indie star Crystal White faced the giant Tyranus, it did not go well for her but now she gets a chance to put things right in this special rematch.

Its not a great start for the glamorous grappler who is limbering up in the corner when her opponent launches a surprise axe handle across her back and takes her down.

“Nice to see you again” says the big man – at 6’7″ and 264 lbs – as he rams his shoulder into her midsection.

This is not the rematch Crystal dreamed of as it becomes another one sided beatdown; she suffers moves including a bulldog, boot and rope chokes, elbow drop, headbutts, low blows, snapmare and splashes.

And, how about this for a finishing sequence…..


– Bodyslam.
– 3 count pin.
– Leg drops x 2.
– Bodyslam.
– 3 count pin.

Tyranus wins and he wins big!


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Tyranus the battering ram
Crystal is all stretched out
Dirty tactics
Crystal on the canvas
Working Crystal at both ends
Leghooked and count 1…..2……….

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Watch the first match between Tyranus and Crystal here.