Download – Laken’s Low Blows

Here are two of our hottest British stars face to face for the first time and London girl Laken is on her baddest behaviour against Northerner Johnny Hall.

She tells her opponent she knows where it hurts and boy, does she proves it with low blow after low blow.

The first below the belt attack comes within seconds as Laken uses her knee to escape an opening test of strength and she continues to deliver dirty moves.

Carressing Johnny’s chest, as he recovers from a gut punch/low blow corner attack, you may think Laken has a soft spot for her opponent but she has a strange way of showing it, even using her chest to crush him.

This isn’t to say Johnny doesn’t bring the pain himself – he loses his temper and enjoys a great fight back delivering holds including a camel clutch,  over the knee back breaker and even a flying headbutt to Laken’s belly but who gets the win?

To find out who wins, scroll past the screengrabs below.


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Instant download: 8 minutes and 38 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 253 MB

Laken deliver a carefully targeted knee
Rolled up but can he win the pin?
The chest crush
Laken gets worked over

All content (c) 2017=18


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Johnny wins.


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