Rivals Inferno and Krusha have become tag team partners and we join them at their first training session.

They look the part in matching leotards but Inferno makes the mistake of suggesting that Krusha is the least experienced and strongest of them.

This gives the muscular maiden a point to prove as she immediately hoists her partner across her shoulders and slams her into all 4 corners of the ring.

Inferno won’t let it go and neither will angry Krusha who turns up the domination with bearhugs, a full Boston crab, knees delivered below the belt, leghook pins and a tree of woe with belly punches.

It ends with the flame haired grappler sprawled out on the canvas as her partner plants her boot across her belly and enjoys a “told you so” victory pose!

With loads of trash talk this fantasy match is a must for fans of these London wrestlers.


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A tag team match from hell!
Krusha starts to prove her point
What happened next?
Krusha shows she loves (to hate) Inferno with a hug
Corner punishment
The flame is out

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