Download – Lisa’s Heart Attack

Here is Lisa King proving again why she is Britain’s jobber queen in this latest contest versus big Toro The Bully.

Attacks to Lisa’s chest dominate this clash with boots, elbows, punches and slaps down on the canvas, in the corners and with the jobber tied up in the ropes.

The masked mauler also unleashes a torturous double claw to Lisa’s belly aswell as her chest.

She is belly punched, corner avalanched, front and side headlocked and slammed into the turnbuckle head first. If this isn’t enough, the bully drives a boot inbetween Lisa’s legs, sending her crashing to the mat.

While the jobber is down, there are a number of leghook pin attempts but victory for the heel comes from not one but two heart punch finishers.


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Instant download: 8 minutes and 49 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 259.5 MB

Working over Lisa in a front headlock
The double claw!
The Jobber Queen!
Stand by for the heart punch!!
Jobber down

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