Download – Tweedle Die vs Renee

Its superstar vs supersizer, as one of the world’s most indemand women wrestlers, Renee Michelle becomes the latest contender to step into the ring to face the titanic Tweedle Die.

The big man faces his toughest challenge yet as his opponent matches his power with her experience, skill and a few underhand tactics!

Count it!!!

Renee dominates the first part of the match, coming straight out of a handshake with a kick to the belly. An early dropkick brings the giant down with a chance for a pin.

She keeps up the pressure with a barrage of forearms until Tweedle reverses a posting and its his turn to take control with a body splash and attempted pin, eye/face claws and even a stinkface!

Its back and forth action, as Renee readdresses the balance with a standing sleeperhold and more dropkicks.

This match could go either way but once Tweedle Die gets the opportunity to launch his Banzai drops, you know that its game over for Renee!


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Add to Cart

Instant download: 10 minutes 58 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 322 MB

Tweedle prepares for the slam
How you react when your opponent trash talks about your hair
The aftermath of 450 lbs splashing down on a wrestler’s body
Renee revs up. Tweedle in trouble
You don’t want this view of Tweedle Die’s boots!


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