Download – Rebel Rouser Double Pack

Here is a special double pack of Scottish wrestler, Rebel’s first two debut matches for

First up, its intergender action as she faces bully boy Toro refereed by Lisa King. And, as if the match isn’t a big enough challlenge against this extra large heel, Lisa may be the world’s worst referee!

Ref Lisa shrugs off an opening belly punch by Toro, just watches as he repeatedly stomps the small of Rebel’s back and she’s easily distracted as the masked mauler delivers a low blow headbutt.

Toro locks on a double toe leglock/surfboard and splashes Rebel only to lift her up at Lisa’s 2 count to continue the punishment.

A final nerve pinch and knees driven into his opponent’s back sees her collapse in a heap and the bully take the win.

Rebel shows Lisa her strength before her debut match
“Ask her ref!”
The rookie is in agony as the bully locks on a nerve pinch

Rebel’s second match is against Lisa, now out of her ref’s gear and in a pink leotard.

We join Miss King outside the dressing rooms where she can’t stop giggling about her opponent’s demolition by Toro – little does she know Rebel has heard everything and the furious wrestler is ready to show what she’s made of.

This time, its the Scot’s turn to dominate as she wipes the smile off Lisa’s face with lots of belly punches, a crushing body and standing headscissors, kicks to the gut and belly claws.

Rebel picks up and controls Lisa by the hair as she gets a confession out of her opponent and she turns up the attack even further.

A brutal camelclutch and fish hook gets the winning submission, as the rookie proves herself to be an aggressive and formidable wrestler.

Rebel challenges Lisa – what were you talking about?
Lisa is Rebel’s wrestling toy
A textbook camel clutch

Two matches for one price!


Instant download: Total duraction: 14 minutes and 41 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 429 MB

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