Boston crab fans, you won’t want to miss this one, with lots of close ups from our in-ring camera!

British heel Vix EnNoir sets herself a challenge to see how many times she can make glamorous grappler Axa Jay submit to this classic submission hold.

The bad girl makes a spectacular entrance, creeping up behind Axa and attacking her with a chair to begin the beatdown on her back.

The blonde suffers full and single leg crabs and a sharpshooter, desperately reaching for the ropes only to be pulled back into the centre of the ring.

Inbetween the submissions trash talking Vix turns up the pain on Axa’s back using her boot, forearm, knee, nails and thumbs!

The final submission comes from a single leg Boston turned into an agonising STF – Stepover Toehold Facelock.


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Vix locks in a sharpshooter
Axa’s back gets clawed
Desperate for a rope break
Axa’s badly aching back is worked over even more
Axa caught in Vix’s STF
The aftermath


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