Here is a match between two fan favourites that made one of them, Maria in the black two piece, tweet…

“i still don’t know how she managed to do this tbh”

US pro stars Jordynne and Maria have one of the greatest rivalries at and we’re proud to bring you their latest adventures inside the squared circle!

Maria, now with jet black hair, has clearly built up her strength since their last match with us and she’s rightly proud to show off her muscles. But Jordynne sets out to prove that she is the strongest and after her own flex delivers a crafty boot to her frenemy.

Maria is trapped in the corner as the kicks continue to her midsection and also her chest. Jordynne has torn up the rule book for this contest.

The first of two piledrivers gives the girl in green her first pin attempts. The second, later on, leaves Maria clearly disorientated but she wrestles on.

This one sided match also includes ab stretches (on the canvas and standing), headscissors, lots of punishment to Maria’s back – from elbow and leg drops, boot, knee and shoulder attacks – and, of course, there is that much tweeted about torture rack!

A final devastating power bomb and folding press seals a decisive win for the incredible Jordynne.


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The match is a stretch for Maria right now
Jordynne is in the (pile)driving seat!
Working over Maria’s back
Boot to belly

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