Two frenemies from the US are back in the ring and this time Jordynne challenges Maria to a scissorhold submission challenge.

This is an old school style contest with plenty of grunt ‘n’ groan action and just a dash of trash talk.

Jordynne wins the first submission attempt with a painful knee and thigh scissor, followed by a long held bodyscissor – there are a few – but Maria has the stamina to match her strength.

The wrestler in the stars and stripes prefers headscissors in this content and locks on a number of these including an agonising figure four of which she says there is no escape!

The wrestlers use other holds to weaken her opponent including an ankle lock, armbar, a bearhug down on the canvas, the crippler crossface and an agonising leglock (see below).

Who will win this equally matched contest? Download it to find out! (The winner is revealed at the bottom of the page.)


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Maria shows what she’s made of
Jordynne in control
Legs of steel
Jordynne has a crush on Maria
Maria admires her legwork

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Maria wins by a figure four headscissor KO.