Arch rivals Johnny Hall and Lisa King meet again, this time to decide who will become the bodyslam champion of 2018!

As fast as Johnny invites Lisa to make the first move, he has scooped her up for the first of nine – yes NINE – bodyslams.

The cocky wrestler trash talks to the camera and even does push ups as his opponent writhes on the canvas in agony.

Adding to Lisa’s pain are dropkicks, punches and Johnny jumps off the middle rope to land across her back.

Despite all this, the plucky jobber will not give up, locking her legs around the ropes to delay an inevitable win for Johnny – the Bodyslam Champ!


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The grand slam is on!
Lisa suffers back pain
Johnny work outs, while Lisa falls apart
Working over Lisa’s back
Johnny is not a qualified chiropractor
Lisa goes for a rope break

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