Its mismatch time grapple fans, as Belle (4’11” and 110 lbs.) takes on mighty Ina Black (5’7″ and 187 lbs.)

As the two size each other up, Belle gets in the first attack with a swift kick to her opponent’s belly.

The pocket rocket tries hard to take advantage but Ina is pissed off and traps Belle in a crushing head scissor which leads to the first of many tap outs.

In fact its scissor after scissor as Belle gets thrown across the ring and gets her body and head squeezed, her opponent smiles and laughs as the jobber writhes in agony.

Ina shows she has a mean streak, securing Belle in a figure four headscissor by holding tight a fistful of her hair and in a punishing camel clutch she pulls back Belle’s head by gagging her mouth with her hands. The blonde is also controlled in a agnonising lotus lock.

It ends as the ragdoll is straddled and pinned for a 10 count before the winner enjoys a victory pose on top of her victim. Its a lesson – never upset Ina Black.


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Circling wildcats
Ina’s vicious camel clutch
You do NOT want to be crushed by these thighs
Lotus locked
Belle is pinned

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