Download – The Legend of the Luchadora

Who is the strong and sexy Señorita Superior?

The first ever luchadora to climb through the ropes of takes on masked mauler Toro The Bully in a special loser gets unmasked contest. Nothing is more humilating in the world of lucha libre than when a wrestler gets his or her mask ripped off.

The second the wrestlers take off her capes the action starts, its non stop and back and forth with lots of grappling between this pair.

Illegal gut punches and low blows are used by both wrestlers to disable the other, before bodies are straddled and masks pulled and tugged.

The señorita comes close to victory as she locks the big man’s head in vice like headscissors but he gets his chances too, using his 100 lbs weight advantage to squash and weaken his opponent.

Holds like the bow and arrow, chinlock and hammerlock are adapted to give the wrestlers every opportunity to grab the masks.

Eventually, one of the pair is beaten down and gets tied to the ropes by their capes. Then, the unmasking happens before a final crushing submission move is applied to the maskless loser. (The result is revealed at the bottom of the page, with photos.)


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Instant download 17 minutes and 20 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 512 MB

The señorita is in control
The struggle is real!
The bully is locked into place, now she needs to get that mask
Its anyone’s match

All content (c) 2018











Toro wins and unmasks Axa Jay!

The unmasking
Revealed and squeezed

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