While everything is about World Cup football, here is what grapple fans really want – International pro womens wrestling!

Representing Hungary, lithe Orsi B is the visitor against the heavier and more experienced Lisa King, fighting for England.

The wrestlers

If you like old school matches with long held holds, less trash talk and more grunt ‘n’ groan action – this one’s for you.

It starts back and forth as Orsi escapes a headlock takedown by trapping Lisa in a side headscissor.

The Hungarian seems on a roll as she locks on a punishing armbar and floors Lisa with two clotheslines. The first attempted win, by a schoolgirl pin, goes to the visitor.

But, this puts a nasty fire in Lisa’s belly and she attacks, often illegally and using her opponent’s blonde ponytail as a weapon against her. Her hair is used to pull her head back in a camel clutch and wrapped round the rope and yanked hard.

Lisa’s onslaught also includes arm and leg stretches, belly punches, body and headscissors, eye rake, low blows, single leg Boston crab and stomps.

Can Orsi B fight back against the vicious heel? (The winner is revealed at the bottom of the page.)

The final cross body pin sees the exhuasted winner lay across her defeated opponent well after the 3 count.


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Orsi B is ready to lock on an agonising armbar
Lisa headscissors for England!
And, SMILE!!!
Orsi cries out in pain as her ponytail becomes a weapon

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Orsi B wins